This page will be constantly updated and includes “words of wisdom” said by my children Maggie (M) and Nicholas (N).

#MWords : – Mom, do you know which is the best job in the world? – Which, Maggie? – To be a clown for children at a hospital.

#MWords : – Isn’ t Greece supposed to be the most famous country in the world because it has made the Olympics? Even the sign that says the Olympics were born here is rusty and old.

#MWords : – I want to be with you all day, Mama because today you made me alive. (Said by Maggie on her 10th birthday)

#MWords : – Do you know why animals are better than people? – Why, Maggie? – Because they don’ t have politics.

#NWords : – Can we go to a match with Italy playing when the EURO 2016 football games start? – Yes, Nicholas. – But let’ s not go the the game that Italy is playing with France because the game is in France and the referee will make them win.


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