Feat No 12: The language of happiness

We decided to literally take the day off today and have an all-day family pyjama party.

So we woke up and enjoyed some Sunday morning children’s cartoons while having breakfast. And while I enjoy having fun, I apologize for craving to follow some sort of schedule or pattern even on carefree days so, it being German day on our calendar, we watched the cartoons in German. (Those of you who have read our previous blog posts probably predicted that).

Even though Mom and Dad did not even understand half of what was being said, all four of us laughed.

Then Maggie and Nicholas decided to play imagination games (in their sibling code, which is English so far) while we prepared our morning coffees. When their laughter was just about ready to turn into tension over some serious sharing issues, Mom remembered some forgotten games and all three of us played (in English) and laughed.

Then Mom got a bit tired and her laughter was no longer real or realistic, so Dad was called upon to join in the fun. Ball games were up next for the three of them (in Greek, apparently). And again they laughed a lot.

Lunch time was on its way so Maggie and Nicholas switched back to English until our meals were ready. After lunch, some quiet time was appropriate for digestion and as already mentioned, a nice break with a German children’s programme was just right for that.

The children’s energy was back, Mom and Dad’s was not, so we all agreed to do our own thing. This led to Maggie and Nicholas playing numerous games, making up stories, dancing and singing (in English) but always laughing. I chose to do some work with Vicky over the phone and on the computer and Dad chose to do some work of his own as well.

A final burst of really loud laughing, a slight dose of hyperactivity, an extra revival of remaining energy leading to harmeless micro-accidents (including minor head collisions, gentle pushing, unexpected stumbling) brought our evening to an end. However, during this final chapter of the day, English, Greek and German were not used at all. Body language was the dominant language and again loads of laughter.

Last but not least, story time from Mom to Maggie and Nicholas was presented in non-other than English until both children were fast asleep – in all languages.

The truth is that all the above happen automatically as far as the language-switching is concerned.

But the language we all stuck to today, understood perfectly and loved using no matter who we were with was the language of happiness. My favourite of them all!


7 thoughts on “Feat No 12: The language of happiness

  1. Stephen Greene May 14, 2013 at 18:19 Reply

    Hi. I love reading your bog so much that I just nominated you for a Sunshine Award. If you are in to that kind of thing and would like to accept you can find out more info here http://goo.gl/zb4KR If you aren’t in to awards then just ignore me and keep writing your wonderful posts.

    • Eugenia Loras May 14, 2013 at 18:31 Reply

      Thank you very much, Stephen! We truly thank you! This nomination will be accepted because I would like to dedicate it to my children and my family for all their positive, creative teamwork! It is their nomination, not my blogs’ and I am very happy to announce this to them!

      Thank you, Stephen!

      Wishing you loads of Sunshine, personally and professionally, Eugenia.

      • Stephen Greene May 14, 2013 at 18:43

        I am ever so glad you and your family are able to accept itand I hope they are all as pleased I was.

      • Eugenia Loras May 14, 2013 at 19:25

        Thank you again, Stephen! How and when are we informed on the winner of the Sunshine Award?

      • Stephen Greene May 14, 2013 at 20:24

        I don’t think there is a final award as such. It is a way of rewarding people for writing posts that you have liked, and to spread the word about great blogs. At least I think that is the point of the thing.

  2. Eugenia Loras May 14, 2013 at 20:28 Reply

    Oh, thank you so much, Stephen! Thank you! I shall now follow the rules of the award! Greatly appreciated, Eugenia!

  3. Sarah @ Bringing up Baby Bilingual November 15, 2013 at 00:30 Reply

    What a wonderful day infused with fun and love and languages! You’re creating beautiful memories for your children.

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